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Hi, I’m Liz. Thank you for reading Lizzie Meets World! This is where I share my adventures around the world through stories and snapshots. I am a dermatologist (most days) trying to squeeze in as much adventure into my life.

About Lizzie Meets World

I started this blog in August 2015 during my last year in dermatology residency. At that time, I had been spending the last 9 years of my life within the walls of hospitals and conference rooms and needed a life outside of the medical field. While I love my doctor friends and colleagues to bits – eating dubious brown-sauce hospital food together, taking turns doing chest compressions on dying persons, sleeping side by side on the floors of labor rooms while surrounded by blood and other bodily fluids, and nervously clinging to each other during mortality and morbidity audits have a way of forging solid, life-long friendships – I also wanted to talk to someone else about things that didn’t involve the human body, its ailments, or its secretions.

Thus, this blog was born. For a long time, I had one dedicated reader: my boyfriend, a dashing Czech engineer I met while on a brief vacation in Prague. He would leave endearing “anonymous” comments on posts about places we’ve been together, open my newsletter emails several times during the day, and share my posts with his friends, all leading to a disproportionately high viewership from the Czech Republic. This was all the encouragement I needed to continue writing.

For the most part of my first year of blogging, I focused on travel themes that I liked and were relevant to me – road trips, offbeat destinations, couple travel, my fascinations and frustrations with autumn, my love affair with tropical summers, and the unique challenges and joys of traveling as a Filipino woman with a demanding full-time job.

I kept my medical background separate from my blogger persona and continued using the blog not only as an escape from the medical field, but as an alternate reality where I was not an overworked doctor typing her vibrant travel memories while sitting in a call room with dreary white walls.

As soon as I graduated and passed my dermatology specialty boards, however, I was reacquainted with the ideals of my profession. Now that my days have been cleared of endless paperwork and hospital rounds and sleepless nights and pungent smells, the spirit of medicine finally shone through: that of the supreme privilege of uplifting the human condition.

My two parallel worlds started to intersect. In my travels, within seconds after finding out that I’m a dermatologist, new acquaintances would instantly take off their shirts or pull up their shorts to show me a questionable spot on their skin. One summer day in an island, while on my way to catch a sunset, I suddenly found myself treating a young traveler who fell off his motorbike. As snippets of my professional life came out on my blog, I started getting emails asking for skin care advice. It took me a while but I finally realized: by combining my expertise in skin care and my passion for travel, I could create more value for readers of this blog.


As I enter the second year of my fledgling blog, I want to continue sharing travel experiences that have inspired readers to check out a new place, consider an unusual experience, and taste an exotic dish. I want to continue providing value in the form of expert skin care advice and first-hand travel recommendations. I also want to write more about my numerous fascinations and fixations including food, culture, language, and psychology. Ultimately, I want to continue informing, inspiring, or at the very least, entertaining each and every reader who happens to drop by.

While I have loved writing for its own sake since I was a little girl scribbling into my 101 Dalmatians diary (and later on in various blogs now scattered around the Internet), the comments, tweets, and emails I’ve received since starting this blog have definitely made my days delightful. I absolutely appreciate all the conversations and connections I’ve made through the blog and I look forward to interacting with you!

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